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Our Philosophy

Bose Clinical Laboratory(BCL) has made many strides since its inauguration during the year 1976. BCL strives best service by accuracy, precision and punctuality. Among the blooming clinical laboratories in Madurai over the time, BCL stood always unique and distinct in having all under one roof like X-ray, ECG giving accurate results. Started in 1976 with only one technician it was grown to a greater height and remembered proudly. At present BCL has as many as more than 50 employees, the biggest clinical laboratory in the city. It has a tradition of excellence in accuracy.

BCL has come a long way by adopting new technologies, installing innovative instruments, professing highly qualified technicians and experienced diagnostic experts and consultants. Computerisation (LAN system) of results is another milestone in its history. A feather in its crown is shifting of the laboratory to its own premises at "Inbarasi Building" during the year 1992. Of late, BCL has made a giant leap in diagnostic service by installing fully automated machines like COBAS MIRA-PLUS S,COBAS-MICROS OT 18 and an ELECTROLYTE ANALYSER (Sodium, Pottasium and lithium) with ion selective electrodes.

To provide service with latest state of art technology to our society and remain paramount Clinical La-boratory.
Bestowed with best people, technology and broad experience, we shall provide laboratory services to this region, that are atpar with in quality programs and standards.
  • Conscious of Quality
  • Applying latest Technology
  • Standard Chemicals & Kids
  • Automation
  • Systematic Working Procedures
  • Well Qualified Professionals
  • Good Laboratory Practice
  • Efficient Customer Service
  • To be affordable
  • To monitor meticulously quality management system
  • To develop consistant excellence in professionalism
  • To follow bioethics
  • To continuously supervise and manage staff process and behavior which are mandated to provide excellent laboratory services through the state of the art pedagody tools
  • To liase with customers to build a foundation of repeated customers

Mile Stones


Team lead by Dr.S.Puratchimani M.B.B.S., M.sc (micro), D.M.L.T experienced microbiologist with our department has qualified technologist & microbiologist with PG qualified technicians.
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Histopathology & Hematopathology

Team lead by Dr.M.Muthuraman & Dr.S.P.Arivarasan MD (path), well trained in Final Needle Aspiration Cytology & Bone Marrow studies.
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Team lead by both Dr.S.Puratchimani & Dr.S.P.Arivarasan our heart of the lab with the world best dry technology handled by the best qualified laboratory technicians.
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SWith our pathologist trained at Mumbai and with state of the art. Euro immune Parameters, we run this department.
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Ranging from the oldest Hepatitis B virus to the new anti CCP and range of cancer marker from Alpha Fetoprotein to CA 125 are done with quality controls.
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X ray & ECG

Dr.J.Pandian Radiologist associated with more than 20 years. We are equipped with 500Ma.
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Our Medical Services

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